An exclamation used only in the direst of catastrophes or moments of greatest frustration. Found to be useful as an all encompassing statement of distress, resignation, or displeasure.
1. Jane was just gathering all of her groceries, paint cans, and Venti Mocha Frappucino from the car when a low-riding, loud muffler sporting Honda Civic passed her at high speed while blasting its high pitched horn causing a puddle-tsunami. "Jesus suffering fuck!" she exclaimed as she dropped her groceries, knocked over her Frappucino, and tripped over a paint can while trying to escape the melee.

2. Jane finally arrived to work 45 minutes late after a frustrating morning cleaning up cat yak only to discover she had left her briefcase at home. *sigh* "Jesus suffering fuck, can't a girl get a fucking break?"
by Suzanne38 August 18, 2008
Top Definition
The most awesomely hardcore blasphemous thing you can say. Try to reserve this amazing phrase to times which require a little extra. Like when the earth explodes, or you wake up to find a 50ft high dildo standing over your girlfriend’s corpse quietly singing god save the queen.
Boss: You're fired. Oh and I fucked your wife and she died.
Miguel: Eh.
Boss: Wtf.
Miguel: My job and wife were boring me. Time to purge myself and move on.
Miguel (walking out yells over shoulder): Hey! By the way, that wasnt my wife. I put your wife in disguise.
by Grant Hayes May 06, 2005
Scottish saying in agression
*hits had with hammer by accident* JESUS....SUFFERING...FUCK
by Russell November 18, 2003
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