A jesus radical is someone who incesantly speaks of all things relating to jesus and how good they are. They may not believe or worship jesus but they feel the need to spread the word of him in a mocking manner.
Betty: Jesus Loves You!
Roy: Really? How so?
Betty: He loves all the "special" people. (muahahaha)

Roy: Why does my life suck so bad?
Roy: I can't even get a date!
Roy: I'm an 18 yr old virgin! I'll never get laid!
Betty: Jesus hates you!
Roy: I thought you said he loved me?
Betty: Not today he doesn't! You're a fat lard!

Betty: I love Jesus!
Roy: Why do you ALWAYS talk about Jesus!?!
Betty: Cuz he has muscular thieghs, and I just,...I just want to lick barbeQ sauce off 'em!!
Roy: You're one sick fucker!
Betty: Mmmmm,... You know it! I love me some jesus!!
by Omar Muhamid May 17, 2005
Top Definition
Someone who wants to make sweet love to jesus because he has muscular theighs that could crush a walnut!! Or someone who thinks Jesus is the goods.
Maranda: Wow olivia, I'm wearing my super hot Jesus Sandles!!!
Olivia: Well of course you are, you're a Jesus Radical.
Maranda: HELL YEAH

Pete: Wow, i want to make sweet love to that jesus radical over there.

Bob: Yeah...I'm a fuckin' jesus radical
by Maranda May 13, 2005
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