Can be used as a expression of surprise/dismay/happiness/anger. John Belushi says this in the film "The Blues Brothers" when John Belushi realizes he needs to get his band back together.
John Belushi (as "Joliet" Jake Blues): "The band...the band!"

James Brown (as the church pastor): "Do you see the light?"

John Belushi: "THE BAND!"

James Brown: "DO YOU SEE THE LIGHT?"

Dan Aykroyd (as Elwood Blues): "What light?"


John Belushi: "YES! YES! JESUS H. TAP-DANCING CHRIST, I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT!" (Proceeds to do backflips down the church aisle)
by Karl45 June 30, 2009
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an exclamation used by jake in the blues brothers, better than saying jesus fucking christ
Rev. Cleophus: "Do you seee the light?!"
Jake: "Yes!! Yes!! Jesus H. tap-dancing Christ...I have seen the light!!"
by alobymaxowitz December 01, 2006

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