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Interjection. A stronger variation of jesus fucking christ. Used to express surprise or shock.
"Jesus titty fucking Christ!! That chick has a dick!"
by Dubious Skunk October 28, 2005
Used - to great effect - by the boss in 'Team America - World Police.'
(Michael Moore enters)


(Ham flies everywhere)
by Sean Brian Kirby October 04, 2005
A saying to show your astonishment, or to accent what you are saying. It can also be a totally random response to anything anyone says. It can also be to show disapproval.
by HOLYCRAP March 17, 2005
A term of extreme surprise that should be used sparingly, lest its impact lessen.
Did you see that really surprising thing? look over there..

Jesus tittyfucking christ! I wouldn't have seen that had you not pointed it out, thank you kind sir
by Bo bvo bo bo bo bob b October 22, 2007
When the son of god consensually fucks the titties of another man named Christ in public.
Greggles: Jesus titty fucking christ!!! Jesus is titty fucking CHRIST!!!
by victor kung October 29, 2010
An expression of shock, fear or just plain surprise. Originating from the movie Team America.
Jesus Titty Fucking Christ!, don't scare me like that!
by Polltang January 30, 2015
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