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When playing four-mallets on the marimba or vibraphone and the ends of the mallets cause blistering at the center of the hands. This causes the hands to resemble jesus' hands when they were nailed.
Hey, Jackie what's goin' on with your technique. You're getting Jesus Hands.
by JeffR November 06, 2007
When you have a sore in the middle of your hand. Either from a blister or a cut, in place where jesus got nailed to the cross.
'man all this screwing has given me a jesus hand'.
by thebubbler May 18, 2011
Jesus Hands is when a guy and a girl are making out and the girl grabs the guys dick while they are still making out and holds it for a short amount of time and then begins to stroke. Its like Jesus in every stroke
Autumn and Jacob were Making out when Autumn pulled off Jesus Hands
by Omega GayLord July 15, 2010

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