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a statement of disbelief or outrage. Goes on the same turf as "Christ on a cracker!" or simply "Jesus Christ!" Or the better "Jesus H. Christ!" Simply putting Jesus in a cardigan sweater makes it that much more of an animated phrase.
Chrystal found out she had to work late tonight and exclaimed, "Jesus Christ in a cardigan sweater!"

Christina casually browsed the clothing rack and noticed a pair of jeans that were $300 and shouted "Jesus Christ in a cardigan sweater, who the hell would pay that much for these!?"
by Robert Barnett August 15, 2006
1. An exclamation used when in pain or shock.

2. The indie Jesus.
1. Guy: "Jesus Christ in a cardigan sweater! That fucking hurt!"

2. Person: "So I ran into Jesus at Urban Outfitters today..."
by Lunar Escape January 11, 2009
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