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A woman who's dumber than and makes millions by being stupid. Has nice
I love ProActive because... It WORKED for me!
-Jessica Simpson
by Tereth February 21, 2005
22 41
a gorgeous woman with very nice boobs.she has a very hot body and very sexy legs.
jessica simpson is what most woman should look like
by carl911 March 24, 2006
35 55
Who cares? Let 1999 go. Anything produced by MTV post-january 2, 2000 is crap. Staged, pre-produced crap. Most of the suburban white kids who, from early 1998 to December 31 1999 7:00 pm ran home, turned on TRL, and called their friends to tell them that TRL was on, resorted to napster after Y2K started. "Why watch videos on MTV when I can download the whole album, some porn, and sell hardcore photos of myself to loser males?". Newlyweds is a show mostly watche ghetto blacks and trashy wiggers who can barely afford soap and groceries, let alone cable and satelite television. Newlyweds is irrelevant, outdated crap that is neither intellectual nor pop culture. It's irrelevant shit.
Let's watch Newlyweds which MTV watchers thinks is part of the hot reality craze (they also think that the reality television craze began with survivor in 2000, when the reality television craze began in 1991 with The Real World).
by smartguy5858 January 29, 2005
19 40
A beautiful woman. She has the best legs and feet in the entire world. Her yummy golden legs are flawless, and she has beautiful painted toenails as well. She has such great legs and feet that myspace has an ad of her, with only a picture of Jessica's delicious lower body. It is really obvious its her legs, because it just looks that damn good!
Alan: "What do you jerk off to at your computer?"

John: "Well, I likes feet and legs. I'm gonna go with Jessica Simpson tonight! Can't beat those chick's legs and feet!"

Alan: "Awesome. I'm gonna ask my gf to give me a Jessica Simpson" (footjob)
by Matt Leinart July 19, 2006
28 50
The chick on MTV that everyone loves. She's very pretty, isn't a slut, but she annoys me more than Britney Spears ever did (which was a lot). Whether she acts or is dumb isn't an issue, it is stupid and she ain't funny! She is moody as hell, and was stuck up on her faith, but you never see her go to church on the show and I hear her father, (a former baptist preacher) left his church after she became fameous. She also made her husband Nick, formally a devout Catholic (like my self currently), convert! She always has to have it her way and is slowly making her talentless sister Ashlee turn into a lesbo. One more thing, I despise how she ruins classics.
I refused to watch the holiday special w/ my girlfiend b/c on the preview for it I saw her doing the scene from A Christmas Story where the tongue gets stuck to the flag pole. HOW DARE SHE BUTCHER SUCH A CLASSIC????!!!!
by Steve January 27, 2005
25 48
Jessica is an incredible gift to this world. She entered this world with Beauty, Innocence, Personality and Huge Talent. People hate on her for bring real, for being herself. Jessica has eveything that every girl would ever want; Beauty, Talent, Money and a Beautiful Family and Husband... To top it all of, she is a wonderful person. People who hate on her are clearly just jealoous of her, and who can blame them. Jessica is a fantastic idol for any girl who has a dream. We LOVE Jessica and HATE people who HATE on her with no legible reasoning!
Listen to Jessica Simpson's In This Skin, and you will hear many things: Love. Romance. Sexuality. Sweetness. Maturity. Peace of Mind. Yet chief among the things you will hear is the sound of a woman becoming her own person and staying true to her heart.
by Amy A. & Amy F. March 07, 2005
45 69
A person who has an IQ of -123 and who looks upto her sister and is so dumb that she married Nick and stayed with him. He secretly cheats on her with me!!
She's a jessica simpson
by Kaleema February 28, 2005
27 51