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A woman who is probably set for life financially, not because of her music career, but through capitilizing on her disgustingly anencephalic stupidity. She makes Dubya look like Enstein.
Dick: "Think I'll go kill some brain cells".

Harry: "You gonna sniff some glue with me?"

Dick: "Naw, man. I'm gonna go watch "Newlyweds" on EmpTy V.
by Aw Yeah August 02, 2004
2132 522
stupid byotch, plain and simple.
Is it chicken or tuna..?
by loooorrnadoonnne June 17, 2005
49 42
a freshly turned out whore.
Daddy put Jessica Simpson on the track and she gave it up to all those graffiti guys. You could paint 3 murals with some of that azz.
by anonymous March 03, 2005
63 58
Only loved by her parents because of her looks. Her dad only cares that she has double D's! Skank and the stupidest person on the face of the earth, no lie! She mooches off everyone she can because she couldn't sell enough records. Can someone please tell me why she still gets to go to award shows?!?

Could also be used as a synonym for stupid (see example)
Your so Jessica Simpson!
by dontaskme November 12, 2007
15 11
proof that blondes are dumb. the stereotypical blonde bimbo with epic tits and a fake tan. i doubt SHE was the one who initiated the divorce. her husband probably had some sense knocked into him finally. is now dating a smart brunette and is making millions by pretending to be depressed and heartbroken about the split (his new album).
person 1: jessica simpson is dumb, but nick lachey is a smart man for leaving her.

person 2: she left HIM.

person 1: yeah, he left her.
by blah blah blahhhhhhhhh March 18, 2007
31 27
A former pop star who never exactly claimed the success of Britney Spears in the music department, who has completely ruined her once lovable and pretty image with bad plastic surgery, and has had a pretty shitty music career ever since divorcing Nick Lachey which forced her to switch into becoming an actress.. which is just plain wrong!
Jessica Simpson's last cd 'A Public Affair', sold less than a million copies while Ashlee Simpson's last CD sold over 3.5 million copies, maybe should get back with Nick to rekindle her success!
by CallyLove August 09, 2007
15 12
When Jessica first came onto the scene in 1999, no one cared about her. No one cared about her with her 2nd album. But once she got the reality show and pretended to be incredibly stupid, people paid attention to her and she is now the most overexposed person in Hollywood. I HATE HER WITH A PASSION.
Why do people care about her 6 years after she releases her first album?? Oh, I don't know, maybe because people get enjoyment out of people who pretend to be stupid for some reason.
by elladrew April 19, 2005
48 47
A stupid, dumb slut. Enough said.
Jessica Simpson should go jump off a bridge and die!
by loserxcore August 12, 2005
44 44