Jessica Simpson is a pop star singer
a hot girl
but one really stupid dumb blond!
proof that she is dumber than u!
Jessica SSimpson is the #1 dumb blond ever! literally!
by pia March 05, 2004
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To do, copy, and bash everything an ex-girlfriend of your boyfriend did/does like Jessica Simpson did to Carrie Underwood.
Person 1: Oh my gosh, she's such a copy cat!
Person 2: I know! She's totally Jessica Simpson-ing it!

Alternative: She's totally J.S.ing it!
by sjghazosejtog August 24, 2008
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the hottest girl ever i mean shes HOT the Dukes of Hazzard was th BEST movie ever p.s. nick is a hater
hey guys she turned down having dinner with bush she has to have some sense
jessica simpson is sooooo hot i wi sh i looked like her -paris hilton
by M. Ghandi May 05, 2006
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she is pretty, has a kind of nice voice, and acts dumb, but she has no ass, she fakes one by wearing butt pads
jessica simpson in the video these boots are made for walkin
by Sarah La'Shay December 29, 2005
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