the hottest girl ever i mean shes HOT the Dukes of Hazzard was th BEST movie ever p.s. nick is a hater
hey guys she turned down having dinner with bush she has to have some sense
jessica simpson is sooooo hot i wi sh i looked like her -paris hilton
by M. Ghandi May 05, 2006
jessica simpson is one of the most beautiful girls ever to grace this earth with her presence. newlyweds on mtv has to be the funniest and most awesome show ever to live. jessica simpson has the most beautiful vioce ever so all you bitches who thinks shes a dumbass your really the dumbases you just think because your ugly and cant sing or get yourself and hott boy/girl means you can go off on a girl who can. so stop being jealous and get some plastic surgery.
jessica simpson is my look a like!
by beautifulme! April 04, 2005
A person who has an IQ of -123 and who looks upto her sister and is so dumb that she married Nick and stayed with him. He secretly cheats on her with me!!
She's a jessica simpson
by Kaleema February 28, 2005
Jessica Simpson is a woman who was graced at birth with beauty, talent, and a fun personality. She isn't well liked, because she has so much money, fame, looks, and a hot husband. She makes money off acting stupid (or maybe she is, we don't know) People seem to think she's bitchy even though they have never met her, and on tv she comes off very nice. The thing that pisses me off, is that fact that you all say that she's slutty even though she was very open about the fact that she was going to stay a virgin until marriage. She wears nice clothes that cover up most everything and just because she has big boobs doesn't mean she's a slut, it just means she is lucky. You little 12 year old CS players need to go pwn some n00bs because your imput is not needed here. Go try to find some morals...then see how idiotic calling jessica simpson a slut is...if you want a slut....go find britney
Jessica Simpson is married to Nick Lachey, they had their own MTV show called the Newlyweds in which they became rich and famous...her most favorite line is from the "chicken from the sea" episode
a wanna be diva who has natural boobs and a super hunky boyfriend.
you don't have to marry that slut nick! i wanna fuck you! i'm juicier than her!
by ashlee November 10, 2004
my idol and favourite person in the world. she is talented stunning beyond words and genuine. i wish i was exactly like her.<3
Jessica Simpson is a role model to anyone.
by audreyhepburn January 14, 2006
she is pretty, has a kind of nice voice, and acts dumb, but she has no ass, she fakes one by wearing butt pads
jessica simpson in the video these boots are made for walkin
by Sarah La'Shay December 29, 2005

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