the hottest girl ever i mean shes HOT the Dukes of Hazzard was th BEST movie ever p.s. nick is a hater
hey guys she turned down having dinner with bush she has to have some sense
jessica simpson is sooooo hot i wi sh i looked like her -paris hilton
by M. Ghandi May 05, 2006
Do people consider stupidity hott or someting? Thats just really sad!
Her and her ugly ass sister make me wanna puke!
by Enna B. January 08, 2005
one of the ugliest bitchiest movie stars out there. she pretends to be dumb so guys will like her she's as dumb as they get she has no talent, the only reason she's famous is because of her big boobs and butt and dyed blond hair.
i don't know why people think she's pretty. she's uglier than shit. ashlee is way prettier, nicer, and smarter
guy: have you seen jessica simpson's new movie?
other guy:yeah she's such a fake
by me777 July 24, 2006
plastic whore
plastic ass, nose, & boobs. jessica simpson is a plastic lookin bitch.
by nancytron G January 29, 2009
Gawd, she really does irritate me..
LOL But it was so funny on her reality show "Nick & Jessica"..
Jessica Simpson: uH like Nick, why does this can say Chicken Under The Sea, I mean how do chickens like live, under the sea?!?!?

Nick: Jessica, it's tuna.

by Lilliaa June 29, 2006
a stupid blonde bimbo who can't act and for some reason appeals to the majority of the male population even though she's got a big-ass nose.
Jessica Simpson sucks in that lame movie Blonde Ambition.
by cassiebabyy January 01, 2008
a dumb blonde who got cosmetic surgery on her face.
Jessica Simpson is such a dumb blonde
by Quenetteo September 26, 2005
a super-sluty reality tv star who acts dumb who's not even a real blonde. she's an embarrasment to us blondes cos she's so classless and dresses in house clothes in her videos and cant afford to buy a bra.
Jessica is so classless, could she atleast wear chamois in cleaning their window?
by reese November 25, 2004

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