one of the hottest starlets in the world
oh my god its jessica alba
by niggaz in da hood August 14, 2005
Jessica Alba was Jessica Alba. And she had great tits too.
by Jon the Pirate September 26, 2006
The most desirable woman ever.
Wow tpfusion, could you stop talking about Jessica Marie Alba?
by tpfusion June 06, 2005
The most beautiful creature that has ever graced the planet Earth.
Person 1: That chick is hot!

Person 2: True, but she'll never amount to Jessica Alba.
by Phazon June 13, 2005
She started acting at the tender age of 12 and her acting career progressed into starring roles such as "Honey". She is also a model and has braced the covers of many reconized magazines. Known for her sweet smile killer body and seductive innocent charm with a dash of the gurl next door personality she is the dream type of girlfriend thousands of guys could only hope and wish for.
GUY1: God that Jessica Alba is hot.
GUY2: Jessica who?
GUY3: Jessica Alba you homo.
GUY4: Youre a gaylord if you dont know who she is.
by Lexxy5 February 10, 2008
definatly if not the hottest girl in the world, top 5 hottest. shes kindof a crappy actress but who gives a shit? any guy would pray of getting with her.
when i have sex with my wife/girlfriend, i usually think of jessica alba

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