The girl that most men hope and dream for. Can sell movies due to her good looks and hot body
(If u wanna see her as close to naked as she has been see into the blue)

Also a thing that men say to each other when they are trying to pick up.
Todd: I heard that into the blue wasn't that good.
Allan:Who cares, Jessica Alba is in a bikini for the whole movie
Todd:i'd pay to see that

Bill: That chick is checking you out.. and she's pretty fair
Matt: yeh but she ain't no Jessica Alba
by Allan S November 21, 2005
Perfect Perfection.
No example can be given for perfection, except Jessica Alba
by the other some guy June 20, 2011
An overly paid so-called actress who's good looks overcompensates for her mediocre (hmmm....that's putting it mildly) acting skills. Someone with absolutely no other talent besides looking good.
Have you seen Jessica Alba's new movie? Her performance was like watching a train wreck.
by Sunshine81 December 03, 2007
A beautiful woman who sucks at acting. She has looks, but lacks talent, which ultimately, is not a good thing. Unfortunately, as soon as her looks begin to fade, Hollywood won't even hesitate to toss her into the dumpster.
Boy: Jessica Alba is sooooo hot!
Me: Yeah, I guess she's pretty, but unfortunately, that's all she really has. She possesses absolutely no acting talent. I think she'd be better as a model.
by the.marionette March 04, 2008
A B-List Hollywood actress who spends 60% of her time frying on the beach; 20% of her time walking around with an "I'm too good for everyone else" expression while paparazzi snap away; and the remaining 20% on deciding what new flip flops to buy to add to her collection of 500.
I'm Jessica Alba, I can get away with being a total bitch off camera b/c I'm like totally the hottest thing ever to have ever graced the earth...
by Van De Brink April 06, 2007
This woman has looks and brains, shes a great role model for young girls, a great actor, hot, a great mother, hot, oh yeah did I mention she's hot?

If she doesnt attract you, you are officially gay. She is just perfect, funny ass comedian Dane Cook is lucky.
Guy 1: You know Jessica Alba?

Guy 2: Hell yeah

Guy 3 (me): Yoooo, she's hot.

Guy 1: Haha I'd Plow The Field

Guy 2: Me two.

Guy 4: She doesnt attract me.

Guy 1, Guy 2, and Guy 3(me): Your gay.

Guy 4: No, I like women, just not her.

Guy 3(me): Umm, shes got the looks of a godess and about as smart as alber einstein, how could you not like that?

Guy 4: Hmmm, maybe I am gay.

Guy 1, Guy 2, and Guy 3(me): Yes you are.
by Guy who know things July 24, 2009
1. To go from a beautiful, curvy, tanned Mexican-American woman to a cracked-out looking, bleached, railing pole that just got starring roles in major films after she was made to look even more blond and pale than Mexican/dark. You don't believe me? Google her pictures from when she starred in the Fantastic 4 film!

Trust me. They're gonna start bleaching Eva Longoria, too. That's Hollywood for you.

2. To have natural beauty but no acting talent.
Sue: I wanna be like Jessica Alba; use my beauty to star in that new Colin Farrell film.

Me: No you don't. When your looks start fading and your body changes shape, Hollywood is gonna dump you ass like old garbage. Go to acting school, first!
by twistedbabydoll August 12, 2007

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