A stupid, dumb slut. Enough said.
Jessica Simpson should go jump off a bridge and die!
by loserxcore August 12, 2005
a famous blonde celebrity who only pretends to be stupid because she's an attention whore
jessica simpson and nick lachey broke up.
by kritters December 14, 2007
a dumb blonde conservative twit with really big boobs and a huge nose.

enjoys telling herself that tunafish is chicken, that she's attractive, and often flaunts her stupidity by making fun of herself. she also enjoys selling dumb records and performing for president bush.

her 15 mins were up before they even started.
"is this chicken what i have? or is it fish? i know it's tuna...but it says chicken of the sea!"

*slaps dumb bitch* shut up dumb bitch!
by alissenn manssenn November 10, 2004
A extremely suggestive Bimbo who pretends to be a good Christian
Jessica Simpson was good enough a Christian to say so on SIN H1 and SIN TV and good enough a Christian to supporte George W Bush yet she couldnt find anything in the Bible that would convinve her to give one cent to tsunami relief
by ROB January 16, 2005
To do, copy, and bash everything an ex-girlfriend of your boyfriend did/does like Jessica Simpson did to Carrie Underwood.
Person 1: Oh my gosh, she's such a copy cat!
Person 2: I know! She's totally Jessica Simpson-ing it!

Alternative: She's totally J.S.ing it!
by sjghazosejtog August 24, 2008
a girl who is so fucking hot it doesn't even matter that she's dumb.
"she cant spell dude!"
"who gives a shit shes like jessica simpson id lube up and make love to the arches of her feet if i could"
by T Cash January 17, 2006
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