1) The only French-Mexican person on this planet.
2) In crappy movies.
3) Object of multiple mantasies.
4) My wallpaper.
Jessica Alba is a stunning actress in crappy movies. I refused to see Into the Blue but still adore her.
by Harry G. October 20, 2007
She is a multiracial actress who has a natural beauty and is intelligent, But has no talent in what she does for a living. In Hollywood...she is appreciated and rewarded only for her looks.
Women in movie theater: Wow Jessica Alba is so pretty and has the perfect "look" for this role!! but she's such a bad actress in it. Maybe she should go into modeling instead.
by Shabonki 86 January 02, 2007
A NICE piece of pussy.
If you cut a pure-bread cat into pieces it would be like jessica alba's nice pussy.
by foffineassho September 03, 2008
refer to boner/erection
dude, jessica alba is a boner nachine
by giganticas penis August 11, 2008
If you are male and you don't know who she is you are officially gay.
One who is attracted to cute women must have a vague idea who jessica alba is.
by Chickenwing21 October 10, 2006
HOTNESS masked in a human body
X: I suppose Jessica Alba is alright lookin'.

Y: (shoots X)
by Canard April 14, 2006
Top 10 beat off fodder for nearly the entire virile male population ages 11-49
(thinking to self) "Man I'd like to put my meat in Jessica Alba's pink taco..but since that won't ever happen i'll use my imagination while I stroke my salami"
by Kibbles n Bits June 23, 2006
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