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When you light your dick on fire during sexual intercourse.
"A jessey was the cause of this mattress fire"
by Murphy June 17, 2006
Jesseys are concerned with being serious and being more serious. A Jessey wouldn't be caught dead wearing skinny jeans, or a silly look on his face. Jesseys are multifaceted men with skills ranging from beekeeping to beard maintenance.
-"I need someone to build me a barn real quick."
-"Call Jessey."

- "What is Jessey up to these days?"

- "Honing his bear taming skills."

- "How Jessey of him."
by M-N-X January 13, 2011
One of the coolest guys you will ever get the chance to meet. Has really pretty green eyes and an awesome laugh. Complete pothead but its cool cause he is really funny. When he falls for a girl he falls pretty hard. He is very hardworking and he can cheer up any bad day you have. My best friend:)
(girl 1) whats up with Jessey? he's acting weird.
(girl 2) i think he fell in love again.
(girl 1) ooohhh
by Hazel14 February 17, 2011

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