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a extremely gorgeous popular myspace girl. Some hate her, some love her.famous for adding just about everyone she saw, and joining about a million trains.typical black hair, thinks she is really a doll, pretty smile, pretty eyes, but has 4563425652 friends on myspace/vampirefreaks. and good thing is she actually talks to you if you send her a comment/message whatever. she isn't bitchy or a "poser" like (Jac Vanek,kiki kannibal,dakota rose,audrey kitching, etc). and did i mention she is incredibly sexy? (;
Exp. 1:
Person 1: OMFG did you see the new jess doll pictures last night on her myspace?
Person 2: zomg! Yeah! She is sooooooo amazingly hot!!!
by damienxsuicide November 02, 2010
7 1

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a famous myspace girl who has lots of friends and lots of haters and fakes.
jess doll is beautiful.
by mellanychocoba23 November 02, 2010
5 1