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Girls that follow sports teams and try to mess around with or have sex with everyone that has a jersey on the team, or they are the team sluts.
"stuped jersey jumpers"
by jake manthe June 25, 2005
Women who seek out jersey wearing athletes (i.e. bicyclists, basketball players, football players, etc.) for sexual encounters, essentially sports groupies. See: Bullpen Beef
The Jersey Jumpers were sitting in the bleachers trying to hit on members of the bicycling team, just like the Bullpen Beef we saw the night before hitting on the Oakland A's bullpen players.
by Captain Incredible x Infinity February 12, 2014
This is when the male hangs out in an alleyway and grabs a girl as she passes by, then yells obscenities at her while having doggystyle sex with her.
I was in camden last night and got horny so i had to pull a jersey jumper.
by captain incredible January 31, 2008
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