For a man to have his penis go limb when he see's someone who is sexually attractive.
Tom had a Jerky Turkey when he saw jessica Alba in a bikini.
by LolzMan101 September 06, 2011
Top Definition
When a girl rubs ground meat on your shlong and then starts jerking you off and right before you cum you shove your dick into her mouth - cum, ground meat and all
Instead of momz cooking the taco meat she decided to go all crazy jerky turkey on daddy!
by Meatballz April 17, 2008
A pet name that one calls a girlfriend or spouse. Its a word that they seldom like to be called but they allow it because they know they are called that out of love.
Me: I love you Jerky Turkey
Her: Don't call me Jerky Turrrrrrkey
Me: I love you babe
Her: I love you too big head
by Sinnah24 February 06, 2010
A person who gets turned on by mating turkeys


An aggressive or excessive masturbator
Dang *blank* is such a jerky turkey.
by DJRTheBoyy April 10, 2016
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