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Slang term for Human Seminal Fluid. The word is used as a derogatory term for an unsavory person.
"Can it Jerkwater!"

"Gimmie the money Jerkwayer."
by Hazard October 23, 2003
11 25
Q. Why do we call a backward place a "jerkwater" town?
A. Steam engines needed to refill their boilers from water
towers next to the tracks but some "towns" were so small
that they lacked a water tower. When trains stopped in
those places, the crew had to find a nearby stream or well
and, bucket-brigade style, "jerk" the water to the train.
Those little dots on the map are jerkwater towns.
by Ron Ruth May 13, 2007
51 9
1. insignificant or small, used dismissively
2. fluids produced by masturbation
1. Let's blow this jerkwater town!
2. ...and alot of jerkwater came out!
by wriggler February 23, 2005
23 17