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Q. Why do we call a backward place a "jerkwater" town?
A. Steam engines needed to refill their boilers from water
towers next to the tracks but some "towns" were so small
that they lacked a water tower. When trains stopped in
those places, the crew had to find a nearby stream or well
and, bucket-brigade style, "jerk" the water to the train.
Those little dots on the map are jerkwater towns.
by Ron Ruth May 13, 2007
1. insignificant or small, used dismissively
2. fluids produced by masturbation
1. Let's blow this jerkwater town!
2. ...and alot of jerkwater came out!
by wriggler February 23, 2005
Slang term for Human Seminal Fluid. The word is used as a derogatory term for an unsavory person.
"Can it Jerkwater!"

"Gimmie the money Jerkwayer."
by Hazard October 23, 2003
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