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A person who is a jerk and retard all at the same time.

Similiar to jork
"David Viner is a jerktard!"
by craze3 January 21, 2004
someone being a jerk and a retard unknowingly. randomly and innocently abusing other people out of sheer oblivion
Biff: Dude, check out this pic of this chick I'm stalking. It's on my facebook account.

Pepe: Dude, you're a jerk tard. Now everyone knows you're trying to screw over your girlfriend, including her cause she can see your facebook posts.
by Big Toe Lover June 02, 2010
A stuck up teen who listens to New Boys, and starts jerking at random moments
That Jason is such a Jerk Tard!!!
by 91EMC June 10, 2010
douche bag, jerk and retard combined.
dude did you just eat my last chip? you're such a jerktard.
by Smitty fo'Shitty November 22, 2011
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