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A term used for male masturbation. Unsure of the background, maybe there are some guys out there with green vinegary penises.
"Brian had enough of MTV, so he turned to Television X for some real porn. Aroused, he began jerkin' the gherkin".
by Ben Rockitt May 10, 2004
111 12
to pleasure oneself by tugging and pulling on one's dick.
while watching Brazilian fart porn i was jerkin'the gherkin.
by Mac Jacob July 06, 2008
43 13
Verb. To masturbate. Especially refers to male masturbation. See also spanking the monkey.
Mike said he sprained his wrist by playing the drums, but I know he really did it by jerkin' the gherkin.
by Grandmaster D August 17, 2004
23 5
A euphamism for masturbation.
Paul was jerkin' his gherkin to a Britney Spears video.
by the pope June 11, 2004
14 2
having a wank
i was jerkin the gherkin last night
by tim123473 October 18, 2008
16 7