A combination for both words Jerk and Asshole. A male douche bag, that is self-centered, egotistical, and very spiteful. A jerk-hole always comes back and ask for forgiveness.
The Jerk-hole always misuse and abuse his chick.

the jerk-hole gets up with a hard on, when we just had a fight, how inconsiderate.

Jerk-Hole is similar to Jody from Baby Boy!!!
by PDub_1985 February 27, 2011
Top Definition
combination of a jerk, and an asshole.
My friend matt is a jerkhole.
by Corndog April 21, 2004
A jerk hole is a hole in which someone Jerks off into. To call someone a Jerk hole would implicate that they are nothing more than a sperm pit.

The best part about this verbal assault..is that someone not in the know will simply think your substituting Jerk for Ass. It pays to know what other people are really saying!!
"You're such a Jerk Hole!!!"
by ashes85 March 24, 2010
A jerk hole is not awesome. Jerk replaces the word ass in asshole. Jerkhole is an awesome word that describes an un awesome person.
Khoi is not awesome. He is a jerkhole.
by boygothackedlol November 13, 2014
Insult calling someone the shape you make with your hand when jerking off.
"Suck it, Jerk Hole!"
by ed hart April 26, 2006
Someone with an enormous penis. And is way cooler than everybody else so they get jealous and call them a jerkhole. Most users of this word drive a slow ass Mitsubishi eclipse and have hair on their lower back.
"That guy brandons a jerkhole"!!!!!
by BTC Brandon December 06, 2015
Someone skinny who grows more immature each year. Soemone who gets drunk at night, likes to sing Britney Spears songs, and says the lamest things. Someone, who after two years, you wonder why it never worked out. Then you remember that it wasn't your time. You're both with other people now, and so you and he can't be together. But you wonder, why after so long, these feelings have come back. Maybe now's your time. That's what a jerkhole is.
You are such a jerkhole.
by Hot God May 13, 2006
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