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A person who masturbates to a degree that it interferes with their daily life.
He was such a jerkaholic, that his wife left him for masturbating online all day.
by DrJohnJ July 06, 2006
Like a workaholic or an alcoholic, only addicted to masturbation instead of alcohol or work.
Jimmy is a right jerk-a-holic. He hasn't seen sunlight in weeks!
by Elvo June 19, 2007
A person who works exceptionally hard to prove they are better than everyone else. Steals and plagiarizes religiously from everyone around them. If they are on-line, they will carefully craft their profile to prove they are superior, with many timely shots of their expensive and cliched vacation spots.

A consummate fake who does not believe a word who comes out of his mouth.

Hates anyone with a talent they don't posses. Secretly despises everyone and wants to become ruler overlord of the world; should be avoided at all costs.
I have to get away from that jerkaholic; he's stealing my soul!
by Captain Ahab the 14th October 22, 2014
Addicted to jerking

Addicted to TheRealRangersInc on youtube :p
TheRealRangersInc are jerkaholics first video coming soon
by Ncredible June 16, 2012
slang; a girl who finds herself constantly falling for the wrong guys who her friends think are jerks.
"I can't believe she feel for that bastard, she is such a jerkaholic!"
by Bec April 05, 2005
1. Someone who is addicted to being a jerk.

2. Something funny to call someone, esp. if that person is your friend and/or if they are kind of a jerk, but you aren't especially concerned about it.
That guy just slipped into my parking spot! Jerkaholic.
by J.B. Bitterbonker March 16, 2007
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