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a real jackass, messes with other people for their own amusement
guy 1: hey that guy beat me up for no reason

guy 2: that guy is a jerkoff
by kentaru September 29, 2009
A highly organized competition pitting jerk chicken recipes and cooking talents against one another. Best jerk wins.
Extra: best side dish (eg. rice and peas, corn, mash, etc.)
Rub up your chicken legs and heat up your BBQs, we're having a jerk-off on Saturday!
by King Jerk II April 27, 2009
A person who is a jerk, but more than a jerk. Basically a dick, but they are also a jerk, so Jerk off kinda encompasses being a jerk and a dick, since your jerk off a dick.
P1) Hey did you see that guy trip his ex girl near the sprinklers?
P2) Yeah! He's such a Jerk off!! Why'd she ever go out with him.
P1) Girl, I asked her that and she said "DICK TO BAWM!"
by Rich homie Came October 14, 2013
The plural definition for jerkoff, not to be confused with masturbation.
Dude 1: Do you see that guy over there with the other guy?
Dude 2: Yeah what about them?
Dude 1: They are a bunch of jerkoffs! They have been bullying me forever!
by PopNotes March 17, 2011
A form of masturbation. Something many Wrestling-Edge users do.
Wrestling-Edge members often jerkoff.
by Nitemare January 18, 2003
Stupid; idiotic.
"I don't like your jerk-off name. I don't like your jerk-off face. I don't like your jerk-off behavior, and I don't like you, jerk-off. Do I make myself clear?"
by hello~ June 08, 2012
someone whom everyone hates in a store
that jerkoff
by vomitsonu February 03, 2010