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The act of going cocka on a womans chest then she proceeds to pick it up and jerk it off as though it were a turgid cock.
I squatted over Christy's chest and dropped a huge log on her. She then picked it up as though it was a huge brown cock and performed the jerk turd on it.
by JBu September 16, 2005
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When a man jerks off so vigorously, straining he exasterbates his colon while ejaculating from the penis.
Alex had already jerked off 3 times in a row and the fourth time he had to stroke his penis so hard and fast that he produced a jerk turd.
#jerk terd #jerkoff-terd #jack turd #turd jerk #jerk shit
by WhoLIKEstorockDAPOTY July 12, 2009
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