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This is a term that refers to a person who has been insulted. It is kind of like saying salted, treated, or burned. It is also accompanied with a swift movement of the hand resembling the jerking off motion.
Yo mama's so dumb when she heard it was chilly out, she ran outside with a bowl! Jerk sauced!!

You're so ugly, when you were born they put tinted windows on your incubator OHHH JERK SAUCE IN YO FACE!!!

You're so ugly, you went to a haunted house and came out with an application! OHH you got JERK SAUCE in yo eye!!
by Chew Man Chew March 14, 2008
Semen, Splooge, or cum That comes from a person you don't like.
AHH! Tim Walter got jerk sauce on me
by mctits April 24, 2003
Semen produced from pleasuring ones self.
Dumbass(at the drive thru): "I'll have the Chicken McNuggets and a Coke."
Smartass: "Want fries with that?"
Dumbass: "Yeah, throw in some dipping sauce too."
Smartass: "We have a new flavor called Jamacian jerksauce. Do you want to try some?"
Dumbass: "Sure."
Smartass: "Your order will be ready in just a few minutes."
by PeeBee October 15, 2005
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