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signature move of naweed. punching som1 in a downward jerking motion making sure the knuckles hit first causing extreme pain and usually a dead arm, called the jerk punch because of the jerking off motion of the downward punch
OMFG naweed jerk punched me and i cant fucking feel my arm omg wtf
by weedsterandzach November 10, 2010
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Made famous by an anonymous source, it is the act of punching someone in the arm from up to down in a jerking motion with your knuckles resulting in a dead arm and possible brusing. Used to show displeasure after an insult that you have no comeback for.
Joe: Get the hell out of here gaylord.
Anonymous: <Jerk punch> Fuck you!
Joe: Dammit! i hate when you do that, prick!
by ANARCHY95 November 11, 2010

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