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1) Your mother's only redeeming value.
2) What I do every fuckin' day 'cause I'm a sad, pathetic loser.
3) You.
1) Gee, Mrs. Smith, thanks for jerking me off!
2) Damn, that girl is hot. I can't wait until I get home to jerk off.
3) Dude, you jerk off! Get off of my nuts!
by Tommy Wommy Womsters May 15, 2003
274 302
slang for masturbating excessively
Timmy went to the bathroom to jerk off
by streetz101 October 18, 2005
313 345
a dance off involving the move the jerk

once the jerk has been done in the dance off it has officially become a jerk backsies
"yo dude, tommy can dance"

"i know bro...he totally smoked those guys in a jerk off"
by spenzarrr September 02, 2009
114 160
meaning to pull off too quickly, in some type of vehicle, i.e. golf cart.
"Don't jerk off!!!"
by LPGA pro May 17, 2009
58 106
slam dunk fo sho man like a reel deel nooie pass that can really ram the jam and shink down the frizzle frazzles jimbo jango pingo salmando!
gimme that jerk off
by sirociper January 20, 2010
46 102
your ass hole ex boyfriend who left you for a whore and now talks shit about you
Michael is such a Jerk off, i can't believe he left Shelby for Julie.
by Nicole Mendoza December 04, 2006
77 143
Someone who has a tendesee to screw things up.
The guy was supposed to fix my car, but instead he blew it up. He's a complete jerk off!
by Martina January 10, 2003
31 113