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Function: noun
a: singer, guitar player, bass player, and keyboard player for the band Rilo Kiley.
b: extra vocals for Cursive, Postal Service, etc.
c: attress
b: cute red head
Who's the girl in Rilo Kiley?
Jenny Lewis.
by erika February 09, 2005
The beautiful, talented singer of Rilo Kiley.

Also did/does backup vocals for Cursive and The Postal Service and can be seen in TPS's video for "We Will Become Silhouettes." She will release a solo album in Spring 2006.

Was a child actress; acted in sitcoms and movies such as "Troop Beverly Hills" and "Pleasantville."
I saw Rilo Kiley last night, and Jenny Lewis is definitely my newest girl crush.
by kik May 27, 2005
the best musician/actress, in the greatest band of all time.
Jenny Lewis has the most beautiful voice in the world; she is my idol.
by Lilguitargal May 01, 2005