This girl? You wanna hear about this girl? Well to be honest she's a total B.A. or in other words a Culo de Mal!!! She's Mama Synds, and totally legit. Also gorgeous, funny as hell , and just all around amahzingg... like oh em gee what the hell why is she just like the greatest person in the world?! Shes the bomb to my diggity, the apple of my eye and the pickle in my pants. She doesnt like celery on her pickle either but shes defitnitly wickety wickety WACK. And DAYUMMM she gets good grades...sometimes ;)
Also see HenEffHERR for more on this girl.
Jennifer needs to stop being so culo de mal!! Its really retarded how she and I fight over that type of shtuff.
by That chick named WhoLeeUHH December 06, 2010
the most amazing person you get meet she short with dark hair if you talk to her no matter what she wil talk to you in spanish she got braces and they give her a beautiful smile shes very nice especially to the people in her classes and is a wonderful person to have around
ey there goes jennifer

she cute
by jjoooiiieee November 20, 2013
Jennifer is a troll who uses a Wendy's french fry to pick out the gunk out of her fake acrylic nails, probably eats it after when no ones looking.
Don't talk to jennifer, she will never date you unless you have french fries!
by ElaneL December 03, 2013
jennifer. a girl who is rated R. very quiet on the outside but on the inside she is perverted and is thinking of dirty things. She lets all of these words and feelings out when she's around her closest friends. Nobody believes she's like this but its the truth.
In class: Jennifer: (quietly) Hi, my name is Jennifer.
To her friends: Jennifer: OMG, my "v" itches so much. dude the guys "d" is such a turn-off, ugh. It's gonna be so hard to have a baby.
by halfenough October 01, 2013
A racist white girl that only is interested in white guys
Jennifer only likes white boys.
by OKEB May 18, 2014
The Biggest Faggot You'll Ever Meet.
Tom: "Who is that?"

Adam: "That's Jennifer, don't talk to her bro, Jennifers are faggots!"

Tom: "Thank god I'm not friends with a Jennifer!"
by littlefucktwat July 07, 2014
An annoying bitch that is so obssesed with one person. YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW A JENNIFER
Dude 1: Who is that

Dude 1: Thanks god i dont know a jennifer
by hell yeamo March 30, 2014

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