The girl who likes to poop at parties.
Coworker: Did you know jennifer is a party pooper?
Flula: She..... She poops at parties??
by HikariRyuko May 05, 2016
A girl who is sometimes shy.Also honest and loyal.She HATES spiders and mosquitos.A good speller.SUPER UNIQUE.Sometimes a big fan of superheros.Loves Gaming.BEWARE SHE IS SOMETIMES AWKWARD
Friend:Hi Jennifer!
Jennifer:oh umm hi -walks away-
by Winter_CatYT May 25, 2016
Jennifer can be sweet at times but has way too many boyfriends. She will most likely cheat on the guy she's dating. Not a day goes by that she doesnt have a boyfriend who spoils her just to end up heartbroken
Boy1: oh i cant believe this girl went jennifer on me
Boy2: yea me too
by mystical panda April 08, 2016
A girl who has problems and a dirty mind .
Person 1 : is that Jennifer over there ?

Person 2 : yeahhhh ... I think she's stabbing someone with a fork .

Person 1 : and then you have to put that in here , make sure it fits , and it should be tight .

Jennifer : LOLOLOLOLOLOL *Smirks
by Jellyfishcantsmile May 21, 2016
A dumb ass butch who don't know 'notin about life or anything you need to know to survive. Someone who needs to work on her math skills and learn how to shit properly instead of in her pants!👍🏻
Man she just pulled a Jennifer
by Buttergurl May 31, 2016
A gorgeous girl capable of many things, a brunette goddess, but is a virgin until the perfect man comes by. Bright and extraordinary, she stands out in the crowd, smiling and waving while still looking absolutely beautiful. She flirts with lots but turns down most, be careful!
Girl 1: Omg, is that Jennifer?
Girl 2: Duh! Where have you been, in prison or something?

Guy: She gives off that totally hot vibe...
Jennifer: Heyyyyyy.
Guy: Hey, hot stuff.
Jennifer: Ugh. Hi guys, no, not you.
by pseudonymoushotstuff:) February 24, 2013
A dumb bitch that should KYS. She is a window licking dumbass.
Why are the windows so clean?
Because Jennifer is here
by April Macintosh November 27, 2015
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