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Jennifer is the most awesome person in the whole universe. She is even more awesome than Eric. There is no awesome-ness above her. You should pretty much just bow down at her feet now because you are in the presence of something otherwordly.
Ted, from How I Met Your Mother: " Wasn't that... AWESOME!?"

Barney: " No, that was... wait for it.... JENNIFER!!"
by awesomeMeinfinity February 03, 2010
539 662
jennifer. a girl who is rated R. very quiet on the outside but on the inside she is perverted and is thinking of dirty things. She lets all of these words and feelings out when she's around her closest friends. Nobody believes she's like this but its the truth.
In class: Jennifer: (quietly) Hi, my name is Jennifer.
To her friends: Jennifer: OMG, my "v" itches so much. dude the guys "d" is such a turn-off, ugh. It's gonna be so hard to have a baby.
by halfenough October 01, 2013
13 153
the most amazing person you get meet she short with dark hair if you talk to her no matter what she wil talk to you in spanish she got braces and they give her a beautiful smile shes very nice especially to the people in her classes and is a wonderful person to have around
ey there goes jennifer

she cute
by jjoooiiieee November 20, 2013
5 149
jennifer is a blonde that is always there for you when you need a laugh.a peso who will always be a great friend that has a nice body and really pretty.she will always be happy with a smile and never get jealous.Most jennifers have a best friend that is a hamter killer too
Did you ever meet a jennifer before,because if you didnt,you would want to!
by stumbles July 10, 2009
391 561
Jennifer's have amazing eyes, and love to laugh and smile. A fun, outgoing person who is a little shy. Smart and funny. Someone who likes meeting new people, and smiles a lot. Jennifer’s never would just turn on people. They are very good friends, someone you can trust. They don't trust easily, but that shouldn't stop you from trusting them, they are very trustworthy. Jennifer's are very blunt, and speak their minds often. A person who doesn’t get mad easily. They are caring and very sexy. They know how to get what they want.
by culooking February 03, 2010
674 904
Jennifer meaning:

White Wave

Gender: Female
Origin: Welsh
Jennifer is like a white wave.

She is as beautiful as a wave in the ocean.
by rainbowgirl September 24, 2009
484 731
One hek of a smart, intelligent girl. She got one hek of a body to.
She's as smart as a Jennifer.
by DarkMonsterDarkSide6585 April 23, 2009
768 1019