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A gorgeous girl capable of many things, a brunette goddess, but is a virgin until the perfect man comes by. Bright and extraordinary, she stands out in the crowd, smiling and waving while still looking absolutely beautiful. She flirts with lots but turns down most, be careful!
Girl 1: Omg, is that Jennifer?
Girl 2: Duh! Where have you been, in prison or something?

Guy: She gives off that totally hot vibe...
Jennifer: Heyyyyyy.
Guy: Hey, hot stuff.
Jennifer: Ugh. Hi guys, no, not you.
by pseudonymoushotstuff:) February 24, 2013
Jennifer’s are highly seductive generally get what they want when they want it! She’s a genius but acts like a blonde to make life more fun! She has really high morals and is so much fun to hang out with. She has the most beautiful eyes and smile. Jennifer’s have the ability to make the saddest person have a smile brought back to their face and light back into their eyes. The girl every guy wants. You can’t have her, she’s exclusive. So sexy in every aspect of her being no man can ever resist.

Ideal Partner: Is increadibly powerful and well respected. Is often older and has a good amount of money… or the ability to be rich someday.

Tips for the future: You don’t have to run a cost benefit on everyone you date.
Guy 1. *Jaw drops, eyes light up*
Guy 2. “Whoa you look like you just saw a Jennifer”
by Ohkk February 03, 2010
This girl? You wanna hear about this girl? Well to be honest she's a total B.A. or in other words a Culo de Mal!!! She's Mama Synds, and totally legit. Also gorgeous, funny as hell , and just all around amahzingg... like oh em gee what the hell why is she just like the greatest person in the world?! Shes the bomb to my diggity, the apple of my eye and the pickle in my pants. She doesnt like celery on her pickle either but shes defitnitly wickety wickety WACK. And DAYUMMM she gets good grades...sometimes ;)
Also see HenEffHERR for more on this girl.
Jennifer needs to stop being so culo de mal!! Its really retarded how she and I fight over that type of shtuff.
by That chick named WhoLeeUHH December 06, 2010
jennifer is the nicest sweetest person I've ever met. she's beautiful inside and out. jennifer has her moods, but i still love her anyway
jennifer has the prettiest eyes and smile
by niki the wiki August 24, 2008
The most amazing, silly girl you will ever meet. she will befriend you for life and it'll be the best thing you'll ever do. You'll make the best memories. She'll be there for you through thick and thin.
Lauren: Kay Jen, what do you wanna do?
Jennifer: omg lets make a video on my laptop! we'll call it "weird people"!

Lauren: what do you wanna do?
Jennifer: omg lets go down the slide in the snow!
by bff-of-jenny-C August 05, 2012
Jennifer : a great girl that is really beautiful and that people love a lot someone who cares about people who help and love others .a beautiful girl which us really HOT know as that beautiful girl name Jennifer .And has a beautiful body
John:Dam "Jennifer." is so hot
Alex:"Jennifer."is so beautiful
Nora:she is so caring
by alexander lero October 23, 2013
A Jennifer is usually very athletic and has a life. She is very funny and silly will always be the first to put a smile on your face, even though she can be extremely shy, once she gets to know you you will like her very much. A Jennifer has various talents, she is also a very great singer. A Jennifer is also extremely smart and is very likely to be succesful in life.
person1: hey guess what

Person2: what
person1: im friends with Jennifer!
person2: daaaang luuucky!!!
by rockpepps August 13, 2012