A beautiful classy girl with a hint of sexy. She is gorgeous, and sassy in a way that can make guys fall head over for her.
"Look at that Jennifer!"
"Wow she's a Jennifer
by be-you-tiful ♡ March 31, 2015
Jennifer's are ususally very beautiful, nice, funny, trustworthy, and have a bubbly personality! Jennifer's always have a smile on their face and laugh a lot, they are just positive people but they might be hiding their real feelings behind that happy face. Take every word they say to heart, they speak the truth. And if you're the one they say "I love you" to, take it seriously, they really mean it, it is not just their way of saying i like you. Jennifer's are very honest! They are people that you want to be best friends with. Jennifer's are amazing!
Guy1: My girl is such a sweetheart, and she said i love you

Guy2: Dude, don't let her go! She really means it and she's such a Jennifer1

Guy1: yea... im glad she's a Jennifer, they are awesome!
by happygolucky11 April 26, 2011
A girl who you love no matter what. She is the mother of your beautiful children and makes uncountable sacrifices for them and your family. She is your reason for living and the light at the end of all your dark tunnels. She is why you wake up in the morning.

Also, she does anal.
Man, I finally met my Jennifer!
by dinsurgent February 04, 2010
One Crazy Ass Bitch. But once you know her well, you'll learn to love her.
She was a Jennifer in the beginning, but now... idk... there's something about her.....
by OneLovelyMofo April 30, 2015
A female American born between 1975 and 1983
there were 17 Jennifers in my class.
by 1001jennifers February 11, 2015
An amazing girl who is always fun to be around no matter where or what the situation is. She is artistic, smart, caring, and just absolutely gorgeous. Jennifer has no down sides except for that she can sometimes be shy and let that stop her from doing or saying what she really wants to.
Friend: Wow she's beautiful.
You: Yeah of course she is, she's a Jennifer
by othman1234123 September 27, 2015
Jennifer is a very common female name, its the scottish version of the english name Guenevere that has the meaning "white wave" or "white dream". In the old days a female called Jennifer could have some supernatural powers, good or evil we dont know.
As for the person with the name Jennifer, they can be anybody! Any hair color, any skin color, good people, bad people, creative or more logical thinking. The name Jennifer is just that, a NAME. Just becuse a girl is named jennifer does not mean shes a b*tch, tall, blonde or the most perfect girl you have ever seen. They can be just like you and you dont even know it, get to know a few Jennifers so you can see how different and uniqe they all are in their OWN ways. Its very fun to see that most of the people on this website thinks that Jennifers are good people but to say that shes perfect and the most popular is a little too much. So just take my advice and dont judge people just by their names, even a Jennifer.
This is the option of a Jennifer herself, and not the most perfect girl or the biggest b*tch.
Person1: Hey, whats you name?

Person2: Hi! My name is Jennifer.
by NerdyCapricorn March 15, 2015
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