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The Biggest Faggot You'll Ever Meet.
Tom: "Who is that?"

Adam: "That's Jennifer, don't talk to her bro, Jennifers are faggots!"

Tom: "Thank god I'm not friends with a Jennifer!"
by littlefucktwat July 07, 2014
Jennifer's are ususally very beautiful, nice, funny, trustworthy, and have a bubbly personality! Jennifer's always have a smile on their face and laugh a lot, they are just positive people but they might be hiding their real feelings behind that happy face. Take every word they say to heart, they speak the truth. And if you're the one they say "I love you" to, take it seriously, they really mean it, it is not just their way of saying i like you. Jennifer's are very honest! They are people that you want to be best friends with. Jennifer's are amazing!
Guy1: My girl is such a sweetheart, and she said i love you

Guy2: Dude, don't let her go! She really means it and she's such a Jennifer1

Guy1: yea... im glad she's a Jennifer, they are awesome!
by happygolucky11 April 26, 2011
A girl who you love no matter what. She is the mother of your beautiful children and makes uncountable sacrifices for them and your family. She is your reason for living and the light at the end of all your dark tunnels. She is why you wake up in the morning.

Also, she does anal.
Man, I finally met my Jennifer!
by dinsurgent February 04, 2010
Jennifer is a troll who uses a Wendy's french fry to pick out the gunk out of her fake acrylic nails, probably eats it after when no ones looking.
Don't talk to jennifer, she will never date you unless you have french fries!
by ElaneL December 03, 2013
A racist white girl that only is interested in white guys
Jennifer only likes white boys.
by OKEB May 18, 2014
An annoying bitch that is so obssesed with one person. YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW A JENNIFER
Dude 1: Who is that

Dude 1: Thanks god i dont know a jennifer
by hell yeamo March 30, 2014
A gorgeous girl capable of many things, a brunette goddess, but is a virgin until the perfect man comes by. Bright and extraordinary, she stands out in the crowd, smiling and waving while still looking absolutely beautiful. She flirts with lots but turns down most, be careful!
Girl 1: Omg, is that Jennifer?
Girl 2: Duh! Where have you been, in prison or something?

Guy: She gives off that totally hot vibe...
Jennifer: Heyyyyyy.
Guy: Hey, hot stuff.
Jennifer: Ugh. Hi guys, no, not you.
by pseudonymoushotstuff:) February 24, 2013