Jennifers are the type of person who is out-going and random. They make even the saddest person smile with their jokes. They can be a bit of a blonde sometimes and never act their age, whether they're acting younger or older! They usually have good grades and still love to have fun. They can't ever speak bad about someone and sometimes have difficulty trusting someone, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't trust them, because they are very trustworthy. They have amzing eyes and absoluely hate compliments, and will shoot them down. When they flirt, it's very subtle, but that's what drives the guy crazy! They are never a slut. They are usually sort of tomboyish, but deep down inside, can be a girly-girl. They hate to be hated by others, so they try to be kind to everyone. Always surrounded by groups of friends, they're really popular. Never try to shoot down her friends or family because she sticks up for them all the time, and they are very motherlike. Their advice is always the best and they lend a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on when needed. They are considered more striking than sexy, which means that at first glance, you may not notice it, but once you get to know her, she's damn gorgeous! Overall, she's a great friends, family, girlfriend, and lover! (: Don't let her slip through your fingers! <3
"I met the perfect girl. She so damn nice and cute and sweet and-"
"Cool, what's her name?"
"Jennifer!" :)
by xXxLuckyGuyXxX December 11, 2010
The absolute most perfect person on the planet. No arguments. Everything about this girl is so amazing that she is sometimes thought to be an angel or goddess . She is the most beautiful girl to live on this planet. She will deny that, but it is a true fact and everybody knows it. She is the kindest , most caring person ever who will do anything to make you feel specia l. And she has the cutest laugh, smile, face, and pretty much anything else you can think of.
Guy 1:Is that an angel over there
Guy 2:That is Jennifer I also think she is an angel
by Her boyfriend<3 January 28, 2013
An amazing, beautiful, caring, creative girl. She is the epitome of a goddess, and anyone would kill to have her as their own. She can do anything she sets her mind to, and she's wonderful. Shes not afraid to tell you how it is, however she considers everyone involved when making decisions and always puts others wishes before her own. She's loving and loyal and forgives but struggles to forget. Love her, all the girls wonder why she's so flawless but inside she carries the weight of the world and only those close to her know.
WOW look at her, she must be a Jennifer.
by lalalouise February 19, 2014
A best friend; queit at first but then hyper as shit once you get to know her. If you backstab Jennifer she will kill you. Outdorsy; loves sports; very pretty, maybe even considered goregous. Happy but at the same time can be very deppressed & moody.
Guy 1: Hey who was that girl just now? She was beautiful.
Guy 2: She was probably a Jennifer
by I <3 DJ July 29, 2011
She is really nice and trustworthy. She loves to have fun and loves her friends to death. Jennifer smiles 24/7 and lives life to the fullest. She loves to flirt and falls for the wromg guys(the jerk ones).She is pretty from the inside and out. Can sometimes be jealous but not too much so dont worry. She can be straight up and tell you the truth and loves when people tell her the truth. She is really smart especially when it comes to math. She enjoys meeting new people can be shy at times. Jennifer is an awsome friend she will always be there for anyone. But dont make her mad cause she explodes she's hard to make mad so dont worry. And last she is freakin fine and has a sexy body.
Boy:Damm i want that Jennifer.

Boy2: Yeah she is freakin fine.

boy: well too bad she's mine.

Boy2:Fine ill find another Jennifer!
by Jejeja July 07, 2011
Derived for the language of Jenism the name Jennifer is that of a person who is extraordinary in many different ways, and sometimes even has super powers such as the ability to charm others in very unique ways. Those who do not belong to a Jennifer often times feel left out, and do not know how to speak the language of Jenism.
"I wish I had a Jennifer!"
"I Feel Left out cause i dont have a Jennifer"
"Jennifer is the coolest Person ever!"
"I belong to a Jennifer!"
by jenism September 13, 2010
Jennifer would rather be called Jenny. Jennifer is a person who you can just come to whenever even though you might not know her she is there for everyone. Jennifer has a heart for everyone except if you mad her mad or turned your back on her but she dosen't hold grudges. Jennifer tries to be funny she succeds most of the time but sometimes laughs at her own jokes which ends up making it funny. Jennifer is a person who you might want to keep in your life because she will go throgh alot of shit for you and will never leave you behind no matter what.She always keeps her friends close even if it means annoying them.
Jennifer was laughing at her own joke lol
by mee-k March 16, 2015
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