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Female actress, credited for her helium sounding voice and large breasts. She is part chinese and was actually born Jennifer Chan. She appeared in numerous films, usually as a seductress or gold digger. She also did the voice of Tiffany in the Bride/Seed of chucky films, and played herself in the latter. Also a good poker player.
Jennifer Tilly is friggin hot.
by Coo Coo Canuck June 27, 2006
A decent actress who has starred in such movies as Liar, Liar, The initiantion of Sara(a made for TV movie), and countless others. She has big tits and is pretty hot especially when he hair is blonde. She also does the voice of Bonnie, the pregnant wife of Joe on Family Guy.
Jennifer Tilly is enjoyable to watch.
Jennifer Tilly has fuckin' big Tits. I'd like to spray my gorilla juice all over them.
Family Guy is a good show but Jennifer Tilly's character isn't really all that funny.
by Gordon Dickshit October 25, 2006
Squeaky voiced, poker playing UberVizen.linked to B movies but much more talented then given credit for. Also she got to appear nude with Gina Gershon enough said.
if you plan to watch Bound you might want to put your DVD player in the freezer for an hour or so..Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon will set it aflame..

by DaynaS February 23, 2008
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