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Jennifer is a young woman who roams the earth with much pride to her name. She is rich in beauty with long locks of golden hair. She cherishes in the sunlight and adores her hair and sweet milk and honey skin. She has an Ora of a goddess and is very tender and loving. When the rains come, she becomes a different person; eyes turn a deep emerald green and she covers herself in misery. She's a fair maiden. Those who will come to love her will love her very deeply from her warm heart and ravishing beauty. She is sweet and kind. When someone shall break her heart, she will never forget the pain. Men fall at her feet as she walks and only one man could break her heart. When this time comes, she will forever have deep green eyes full of misery and loss. She's a fragile girl with her luscious locks of blonde hair and her name to fit her perfectly; Jennifer May. She stands in gods white light and can make anyone lust for her sweet love. Jennifer is a heavenly angel and anyone who pushes her around or insults her pride shall be in gloom. When she loves someone she shows it and treats them with so much care and her love can make any man cry tears of joy. Be thankful to know a Jennifer May; you never know when you might loose her and her magnetic Ora of love and beauty she gives.
Majestic woman jenny goddess love lover jennifer may jennie jennifer May
by Carlpediemos September 29, 2013
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