Woman who looks like a lion.
You mean that isn't Jennifer Aniston in the Wizard of Oz?
by PancakeFeatures July 31, 2006
1) verb. To Jennifer Aniston is to go out in public without wearing a bra
2) noun. An actress. Got her start on Friends, and has been in many movies since. It appears that she fails to wear a bra whenever she is seen on camera.
1) "Yep, I'm sick today. Not only am I not getting dressed to go to the doctor, I'm Jennifer Anistoning it"
2) "What was that movie with Jennifer Aniston in it? Was it Bounty Hunter?"
by coronagirl April 13, 2012
an overrated actress who got her big break as Rachel Green in the NBC TV series Friends, which ran from 1994 to 2004. The series finale was incredibly stupid. She has also appeared on the silver screen, pretty much playing herself. Her movies ain't that good. She was married to housebreaker husband Brad Pitt, who ran off with Angelina Jolie, who also doesn't know what marriage is supposed to be all about - on top of that, his hair is now shorter and he looks like a plucked chicken. Jennifer Aniston's favorite phrase is "Oh my God". It's Oh-my-God this, Oh-my-God that. If it weren't for her sexy long hair or her nice legs, she wouldn't be considered a sex goddess at all.
Jennifer Aniston, along with the other 5 main members of "Friends", got $1,000,000 per 30-minute episode during the last season or two of the show. Imagine, a million bucks to be ditzy and say "OMG" several times. It's truly like the Dire Straits song says - it's really Money for Nothing.
by Starpunk October 30, 2007
Jennifer Aniston (born February 11, 1969) is an Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning American film and television actress, best known for her role as Rachel Green in the popular television sitcom Friends. Since Friends she has starred in several successful Hollywood films, including Bruce Almighty, Along Came Polly and The Break-Up.

For the last three years a victim of lunatic Holy Jolie fans from a gossip blog.

Beautiful, talented and smart, she causes Brangaloonies to convulse.
At the mention of Jennifer Anistons name, the Brangaloon stuck her thumb in her mouth, dropped to the floor and started screaming.
by NotaLoon September 12, 2007
Actress who is most known for her role on Friends. Also played in Along Came Polly. Recently split with Brad Pitt. A beautiful actress who deserves the best in life. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to die. Have fun
Jennifer Aniston is pretty AND a good actress!
by countrymusicfreak March 13, 2005
A really great actress, a truly beautiful lady, and deserves more than given.
Tris: Jennifer, will you marry me?

Jennifer Aniston: Sure.

Tris: Wahoo! Screw you Brad Pitt!
by Tris Penkal October 23, 2006

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