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A jenkem shaman is a mix between a crust punk and Haight street nomad/hobo. Usually someone from the 'burbs that got a little too much into smoking crack and playing the accordion in a street band. These fine specimen usually reside in Golden Gate park during day time and at night crash in your house and sometimes copulate with your friends or roommates, who are usually the ones responsible for letting them inside in the first place. They wear patchwork pants adorned with spoon and harmonica holders and wear some article of fake fur at all times. Basically, jenkem shamans are shitty gypsy grifters.
Girl 1: "Hey, who the fuck smoked all my weed and stole the compost bucket!?"
Girl 2: "Oh, probably that fucking jenkem shaman that rolled in with Jessica last night"
Girl 1: "Goddammit, I think we have bedbugs!"
by drgonch May 13, 2010
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