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Jena means small bird and paradise, and
Marie means bitter ( oh that sucks but be happy it's origin word comes from Mary the mother of God be proud *wink*)

The girl with the name 'Jena Marie' is so damn pretty. She has imperfections that sometimes lead to insecurities but she can fight the feeling because there would always be someone that tells her that she is beautiful. She's smart ,never ran out of ideas (well she sometimes get saturated ofcourse), and she loves challenges!. She's loving, she loves her mother so much. 'Snobbish' at first but when you finally be friend with her you'll realize that she's funny and a little bit annoying.
Tips: don't listen to her advices, there's a 50/50 percent she don't know what she's talking about or she just want you to think she have something to advice.

lastly she is Boastful in a good way (like she boasts things that actually exist in her) and she's sarcastic.
girl1: hey I don't know what to name on my coming baby girl.
Girl2: look for the definition of the name jena Marie on urban dictionary later in life your baby girl will be so awesome!
by NoI'mnotJenamarie November 03, 2013
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