A dick that remains flaccid.

Similar to Whiskey Dick and Coke Dick
A Jelly Dick doesn't get anything done.

Quit Jelly Dick-ing around.
by Devin B. Kent April 30, 2011
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When your dick is very flimsy and you are unable to get erect.
When we tried to have sex he had a jellydick!
by Nose101 November 22, 2007
When you either have sex more then once or twice in a set amount of time, or jerk off in a set amount of time. Sometimes your semen will come out looking like chewed up jello. This is because when you do not have enough time to reproduce the shit so all of the shit in your lines has to go through. So you're basically just cleaning out the pipes.
Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap...Jawlzz..ahhhhhhhhhhh Jellydick again.

Dude I came on her stomach and I looked down and it looked like chewed up jello. I think I have Jellydick.
by Bawlzz December 12, 2010

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