God's way of telling you to sit the fuck down
Man, that guys so fucked up he's doin the jelly-leg
by ShelCShof July 17, 2010
Top Definition
jelly leg means where a girl is fucked from behind so hard that she loses the feeling of her legs so basicly she cant stand up
jelly leg: Fucker very very VERY hard
by glen rodwell April 26, 2006
When a woman has an orgasm so intense her legs become like jelly, possibly resulting in her falling over. Often accompanied by a Squirt
Laura: I'm telling you, sit down when you jill off in the shower.
Sarah: Why?
Laura: Because if you do it right you'll get Jelly Legs and you don't want to hit your head on the way down.
by Haruka42 January 29, 2014
When a child goes into a state of paralysis below the waist in order to get what he/she wants.
Mom: No!
Kid: I WANT CANDY!(Kid goes into jelly legs mode)
Mom: Timmy stand up! I'm not going to carry you!
Mom: Jesus! Here...what do you want?
by Fallen_Samurai March 07, 2009
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