A brownish viscous material that exists when using lube while having anal intercourse or dildo action.
Wow, that jelly baby got all over the sheets.
Look at that jelly baby, it has a bit of brown in it.
by fdiddy July 09, 2003
Top Definition
1. An English sweet.
2. The only known fear common to all Daleks
Doctor: "Jelly Baby?"
by Luke August 07, 2003
Candy popular with Time Lords.
A close cousin of the Jelly Bean, a candy favored by Ronald Reagan.
"Would you like a jelly baby?"
--The Doctor
by Fredro February 09, 2004
Jellybaby: a nasty viral disease, commonly caught by nightclub staff on a weekly basis, causing nausia, vomiting and can in some cases lead to a total mental breakdown.

Symptoms include: arsehole punters, the selling of jellyshots and soiled beanbags.
I'm going to have to call in sick tonight for work, i've got a bad case of 'The Jellybaby'
by Nico DaSilva April 07, 2011
An english sweet. (Candy)
I thought I wuold have a Jelly baby with my tea
by john365 March 13, 2003
when a man ejaculates in a woman's anal canal and a blob of semen secretes out during a bowel movement.
My wife came home from work today to tell me that last night's anal sex left her with a jelly baby.
by Bigg Eddo March 30, 2005
The congealed mix of sperm and nether fluids which remains if male ejaculate isn't cleaned up within minutes of such a deposit.
I smoked my cigarette and laughed, after some hot sex, as my girlfriend tried frantically to wipe the jelly babies off her back, but those little buggers just roll around and run away.
by The Jelly Baby Pirate January 06, 2011
A creature found in the heart of Wrexham. Commonly exists subconsciously, is extremely lazy and often uses the phrase 'bare effort'.

Do not approach as they can be extremely dangerous if present with sharp, pointy objects although they can be calmed by being gifted with psychedelic edible substances.
Man: Hey, could you go make me a sandwich?
Women: Make your own god damn sandwich!
Man: Why you being a fucking Jelly Baby??

Guy: *Starts playing around with a knife while stoned*
Friend: Wow dude, stop being a Jelly baby for fuck sake.
by Gazareth June 14, 2011
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