Lead singer of Dead Kennedys. Collaborated with Al Jourgensen from Ministry on a project called LARD. The guy that Serj from System of a Down ripped off.
by MeBabyMe July 23, 2003
Stage name of Eric Boucher (sp) and the smartest man ever to walk the earth. After the disbandment of the Dead Kennedys (his former group of which he was the singer for), he began to release solo spoken-word albums with his opinions on society and political well-beings. A self-proclaimed anarchist, and a guy I would definately love to meet.
Some of Jello's solo projects are albums Prairie Home Invasion, Machine Gun in the Clown's Hand, Last Scream of the Missing Neighbors, Become the Media, Will the Fetus Be Aborted?, and the list goes on and on..
by TFS August 07, 2005
Frontman for political punk band The Dead Kennedys. Jello is a huge corporation that makes non-nutritional foods. Basically food that you don't need. Biafra was a place in Africa that doesn't have any food, and suffers of mass starvation. Atleast it once was, I'm not sure if it still exists. Jello Biafra was put together for the irony. They're starving, we spend millions on food that hurts us more than helps us.
Jello Biafra is a very politcal, yet humurous person.
by Josh Bedn July 08, 2005
Jello Biafra - n. Former singer for The Dead kennedys, political activist, charged along with The Dead Kennedys in 1985 for obscenity amongst the music hysteria created by The PMRC, owner of Alternative Tentacles records, spoken word artist, and 2000 Green Party presidential candidate.
"Damn, Jello was replaced by that talentless bitch Brandon Cruz!"

"Jello Biafra ripped Tipper Gore a new asshole on Oprah."
by DoobieEx February 08, 2004
Groww more pot!
jello biafra is the shit
by ray October 13, 2003
Funny, but an asshole. Stole stuff from my girlfriend's parents. Drew on a picture of her signed by Johnny Cash.
I've got nothing. Sorry.
by mrmanatee August 05, 2004
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