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lead singer of the dead kennedys from their formation in 1978 to their break up in 1986. he wrote a great deal of the lyrics, and is quite possibly the most influential front man in punk history. jello was politically active in the san francisco area for several years, and almost won the election for mayor. currently, jello sits as the president of his record label 'alternative tentacles' and travels around the country on spoken word tours that attack ultra-conservative politicians, free speech bashers, and terminal preppies. this guy is the shit!
jello biafra got his name by combining the completely malnutritious sugary food (jello) with one of the world's most impoverished and hungry nations (biafra).
by the storm drains April 12, 2009
Leadsinger of the Dead Kennedys and an extremely amusing critisizer of government.
Man, I'm going to the Jello Biafra speech.
by Raven January 01, 2003
the man. he is so awesome, it almost hurts
"Jello Biafra has exteremely amusing political arguments"
by Jackie the PUNK July 06, 2003
The lead singer of the bay area punk band, The Dead Kennedys, who's material included some of the most groundbreaking and intelligent music I have ever heard. This is because of Jello Biafra. That man is politically and intellectually informed. And funny while at it. Although the Dead Kennedys were during the Reagan era, his views still speak strong today, and today he works actively for change. Go research the guy, he OWNS YOU.
Jello Biafra for president...2012!!!!!!
(So I can vote for him then :)
by stray November 17, 2004
Former lead singer of Dead Kennedys. Political activist, genius. Jello for pres.!! Supposedly an asshole. Who knows...Jello IS the fucking Dead Kennedys.
Jello = pure genius!
Damn...Jello was hot!
by Jordan December 17, 2004
Former frontman for The Dead Kennedys, before the band split due to being persecuted by Tipper Gore for including the Giger artwork "Penis Landscape" with their Frankenchrist album (although you can still send off the coupon included to own it if you want to).

Since then has gone on to be a well reknowned spoken word artist/activist with several CDs to his name (Become the Media, Machine Gun in the Clown's Hand etc.) and even a Presidential candidate for the Green party. However, the rest of his former band are intent on suing him for not selling out and using classic DK standard Holiday in Cambodia in a Levis commercial.

Also worked with Ministry in the Lard side project, and has featured on tracks for bands as diverse as Pitchshifter, Sepultura and The Presidents of the USA, with a few acting credits as well.
Let's face it - no matter what he does, he'll always be remembered for being the bloke that sang Too Drunk to Fuck...
by OD Smith August 18, 2005
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