jel.lin' |ˈjelēn|

1. expressing jealousy over another
2. informal: the process by which jelly is set.
1. "Wow, I am am jellin' over that girl's alternative style!"
2. "I hope the jelly in the fridge is jellin'"
by Olive's Day Off May 03, 2010
Top Definition
to be jealous of someone/something
He is so jellin of ma nikes
by thefiresoflove12 September 07, 2008
(verb) to be very jealous of something that somebody else has.
-- envious
elizabeth got to go to the beer pong party, i'm major jellin.
by word_uppp May 15, 2007
To be jealous/ want something that someone else has
1: "Did you see Karina's new boob job?"
2: "yeah i want one soo bad!"
1: "ohh and btw shes dating your lover"
2: " uggh! i am totally jellin'!"
by look at hannie fannie February 17, 2010
The act of repeatedly downing Jell-O shots before being affected by the alcohol. This often leads to hitting "the wall" when the liquor finally makes it into one's bloodstream.
James- "We be jellin this weekend?"
Mike- "Only if you prep the Jell-O."
by jheee October 19, 2011
1. When someone has imbibed a lot of orajel and their mouth is so numb they can't even talk right.

2. The act of abusing orajel.
Dude i'm jellin' the fuck out right now bro

Ricky, your habit of jellin' is destroying your life and relationships.
by reallycooldad April 05, 2011
to be relaxin
Paul: "what you doin tonight?"
Omar: "nothin, jus jellin."
by ADubBeezy June 02, 2009
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