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Short for Jigger Shop. It is play on the word Nigger and Negro.
Lets go get Mango Tangos and the Jegro
by ted April 28, 2005
a black Jewish person, or a Jewish negro
person A: my rabi's a jegro
person B: that sucks man
by ((anonymous)) April 20, 2006
noun. Masturbating

-lution: the act of masturbating while bored
-late: saying it in a sentence
"I was home alone, so i felt like jegrolating"
by cooldudewhomakescoolwords October 28, 2011
A less offensive way to say negro.
What up jegro?!

What the jegro!?!?
by Tyrone Jiggadubz August 07, 2005
noun: a white person; similar to jigsie
What's up jegro.
by Your mother January 01, 2004