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the act of kiss ass or brown nosin in a persons face when in actuality you have ill feeling for that person
check out kutt kalhouns song stop jeffin'
by zimbabwe is under attack February 14, 2009
the act of kissing ass or brown nosing in a persons face when in actuality you have ill feelings toward that person.
being really nice to your boss to get that new opening that you want but behind his back you talk shit about him.

you - "hey boss did you get a new hair cut it looks great"

your boss - "bitch, stop jeffin'"
by t-ryder January 27, 2009
To fake like you are busy at work when you are not doing a damn thing.
look at him...he is jeffin his ass off!
by Karl White December 11, 2007
a constant flake, or someone who flakes repeatedly
That fool is a jeff, he never pulls through when he says he will.

That fool is jeffin, he said he would be here hours ago!
by 1904LxVE April 27, 2011
The act of kissing ass and/or brown nosing in a person's face when in actuality you really have ill feelings toward that person.Also, this is Kansas City Lingo, but a humongous single. Jeffin' is ass kissin', then talkin' trash, dissin'.
When you see me rolling up, stop Jeffin' stop Jeffin', they be like what's up? Stop Jeffin' stop Jeffin', yeah you. Stop Jeffin', we ain't cool. Stop Jeffin'.
by the_waitresss October 28, 2011
When a man pee's sitting down while straddling the toilet.
I caught my friend jeffin last night, how awkward...
by Matron Malice July 01, 2011
The evolved word of "joking" with the slight different first name style change.
Larry: I bought a 2004 Dodge SRT-4 for just one hundred bucks off some old lady.

Hilary: No way!

Larry: I'm just jeffin'.
by Elizabeth L. January 25, 2005
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