A NASCAR driver hated by its core fan base for being articulate, good-looking, talented, tolerant of minorities, better than Dale Earnhardt. Jr (see Redneck Jesus), and the man most often used to market NASCAR outside of the Confederacy.
"I hate Jeff Gordon. Whoo Junior!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by JohnJF February 17, 2008
Winner of the 2002 Sharpie 500 at Bristol
Jeff Gordon pulled off the Bump and Run on Rusty to win
by joe c August 20, 2004
Getting a blow job from a hot chick while driving in a car.
Yea man, after winning a drag race in my Rice Rocket she gave me a Jeff Gordon all the way home, it was tight.
by Rick1 October 30, 2007
The act of defecating in a urinal. Done either for malicious or humorous purposes.
Friend 1: Man, i hate that hotel. I wish there was something i could do to get back at them for their poor service.
Friend 2: You could always shit in their urinals.
Friend 1: Oh yeah! I didn't even think about the Jeff Gordon! Thanks pal!
by George McClane July 13, 2010
Least-liked NASCAR driver. Liberal Californian Chevy driver.

Usage: "What's the difference between Jeff Gordon and a refrigerator? A refrigerator doesn't fart when you take the meat out."
by Most April 08, 2006
a faggot liberal nascar driver from ... guess

thats right, cali...

is the most annoying driver in all auto racing and doesnt deserve to win the 2005 daytona 500
jeff gordon sucks alot of dick
by jeff gordon = fag March 09, 2005
A nascar driver who's main claim to fame is beating a legendary driver's record only because that driver was not alive anymore to put him to shame. None the less Jeff Gordon took a dump on his name by waving his flag (no asshat should ever wave the number 3 flag... ever) and by his excitement in beating the record of.. yet again.. a guy who can't compete anymore. Other records he's set:
most likely nascar driver to be called "faggot" on a regular basis, most likely nascar driver to be bombarded by beer cans when he wins a race, most likely to have a caution called in his favor by nascar, most liberal nascar driver
Some true nascar fans can claim: "I spent the night in jail for throwing a beer can at Jeff Gordon's car, and it was well worth it."
by Jeffsucks May 08, 2007
His homosexuality (with his teammmate Jimmie Johnson)is the worst kept secret in NASCAR. He is known for being a cheater, and is extremely overrated. His actually driving ability is comparable to J.J. Yeley, who is just a mediocre driver. Gordon's success has came because of illegal modifications to his cars that gave him an unfair advantage, and is the only reason that he is considered by some to be a great driver.
Hendrick Motorsports drivers including Jeff Gordon are known for being overrated, and would be mediocre drivers at best if they were with other teams.
by Sebastian Kennedy April 15, 2008
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